Fort Washington Little League Baseball & Softball

Our History

The Fort Washington Little League otherwise known as the FWLL is a community based organization that specializes in providing a unique atmosphere for the safe and highly competitive learning environment for youth baseball and softball.  The Fort Washington Little League has a long standing tradition of providing excellence in one sport which is why the League motto, “We only do baseball and we do it well,” resonates so profoundly throughout Southern Prince Georges County.  In its 43rd year, the FWLL is one of 10 Leagues under District 7 Little League which is comprised of Leagues from St Mary’s, Calvert, Charles, Montgomery, and Prince Georges counties representing just over 9000 youths ranging in ages of 4-18.  With the FWLL being the second smallest of the leagues, it is one of the fiercest and strongest of leagues showing very well during regular season and tournament play.  Below is a brief history of the program and how it came to be.

A gentleman named Harry J. White, Jr. had a wonderful thought to help organize kids who had a love and passion for the great American past time, baseball.  He made a very pioneering decision to develop a community based youth program.  With the help of his family and a few other devoted volunteers he chartered under Little League Baseball Incorporated.  In the spring of 1970, the Oxon Hill Baseball League was officially born.  Two years later its name changed to Oxon Hill Little League.  For nearly 26 years the league ran its charter serving the youths of southern Prince Georges County but it began to face heavy and staunch competition from other competing youth programs.  If new direction was not achieved soon, the Oxon Hill Baseball League would soon be nonexistent.

In March of 1996, with the league’s fate hanging in the balance, a group of courageous individuals decided to revamp the league and to restore its’ image and competitive team play.  Those individuals had no clue what the future would bring but as fate had it, they would be joined over the years by several other committed volunteers that would help rebuild the league to what it is today.  In 1998 when the Oxon Hill Little League’s home field boundaries were changed to Fort Washington, Maryland, the league name became the Fort Washington Little League.  The FWLL is now the largest single youth baseball program in the entire Southern Prince Georges County Maryland averaging between 11-20 teams annually on a 16-18 game regular season playing schedule with travel to games among the 5 neighboring counties.